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Applied AI to bring community solutions
We are research and development organization focusing on bringing applied Artificial Intelligence solutions to existing community problems. We connect domain experts with AI developers to develop solutions that can transform the society. If you are a domain expert, expert in AI or just getting started in AI, consider joining our mission to deliver positive impact to the society using Artificial Intelligence.
We are excited to showcase our community leaders who are selected from all over Nepal.

Join our Community

We welcome you to be a part of our ever growing community of AI enthusiasts and learners. Whether you are an expert in your field or just getting started, whether you like to learn more about our initiative or take part in it. Please join our interactive community on Facebook and be a part of it. You will be able cast your saying, get to know about our new events and initiatives directly from this community group.

Board of Advisors

Dibakar Sigdel

Data Scientist, Ph.D.(Physics)

Bal Krishna Bal

PhD Computer Science, Research Scientist.

Amit Regmi

Research Engineer, Misumi Corporation, Japan

Shreyasha Paudel

Autonomous Vehicle Research Engineer, Ford Motor

Team Members

Kshitiz Rimal

AI Developer and Researcher

Ayush Basudev Parajuli

Social Entrepreneur, Educator

Aayush Shrestha

Tech Entrepreneur, AI Enthusiast, UI/UX Designer

Nikesh Balami

Civic Entrepreneur, Open Data Activist

Bibek Mishra

Software Developer, AI Enthusiast

Rabin Gaire

Full Stack Developer, Open Source Software Promoter

Barsha Shrestha

Tech enthusiast, Social Activist

Eeda Rijal

Tech enthusiast, Social Activist, SDG Promoter

Uttam Pudasaini

GIS Analyst and GeoAI Enthusiast

Keshav Bhandari

Data Scientist, NLP Practitioner, AI Developer, Lecturer

Ashish Kumar Jha

Assistant Professor at Nepal Engineering College, AI Researcher

Rupesh Sah

Economic Development Researcher

Suraj Regmi

Data Scientist, The World Bank

Academic Affiliations

Global Partner

Global Partner City AI


Organizations and Companies that supports our movement and willing to develop and embrace AI for social good.

We value your Feedback

Please reach out to us and let us know what you think about our initiative.