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All Nepal AI Workshop Series

Artificial Intelligence for Development (AID) is concerned with educating individuals by providing training in AI and facilitating resources to further motivate their learning endeavor in this field of Artificial Intelligence in Nepal. The first step to create quality individuals in AI is to train them properly. Due to gap in education level in Nepal and various developed countries of the west, students even after having profound interest in this field of Artificial Intelligence, are struggling to learn it properly in Nepal.

To address this problem and help them get better at Artificial Intelligence and motivate them to apply their learned skills in AI for the betterment of society around them, AID is conducting “All Nepal AI Workshop Series” to train and empower students, tech enthusiasts and learners of all kind about AI technology and provide them with learning resources and platforms.

AID is conducting AI/Deep Learning Prerequisite workshops all over Nepal, including major cities of Nepal such as Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Pokhara and Birgunj and many more in coming days. This workshop allows the learners to bridge their skills with the skills required to learn AI properly.

  1. Kathmandu Workshop Details
  2. Lalitpur Workshop Details
  3. Pokhara Workshop DetailsĀ 
  4. Birgunj Workshop Details

Please check out our Events section to learn more about various workshops and events under this initiative.

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