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Community Leaders Program

AID is looking for AI enthusiasts and learners who can take a lead to move AI communities in Nepal forward. We are looking for aspiring students and developers who are passionate about AI and wants to create a chapter under the affiliation of AID and wants to organize AI meetups, workshops and hackathons which will be supported by AID.

AID community leaders will be the official connect of AID for the communities they represent. Individuals who are interested to be a community leader of AID will be a part of our official community team and will be honored by publishing them in our website’s front page as our official community leaders. AID and community leaders will work hand in hand and discuss ideas and develop projects together. Their events will be covered not just in our official websites and blogs but also in our global affiliated partners blogs. They will receive mentoring, guidance and support from various AI experts from all over the world via AID channels to host events and to initiate their own projects using Artificial Intelligence.

If you are passionate about AI and interested to be a part of it please provide your information below.

1. Passionate about AI
2. Currently Learning AI or just finished some courses on AI
3. Good communication skills
4. Team player

1. Organize frequently meetups/workshops/hackathons in their colleges or communities they represent
2. Inspire community members to learn, develop and research projects in AI.
4. Take part in AID official community discussions to develop future projects together with AID


To apply, fill up the form below:

We value your Feedback

Please reach out to us and let us know what you think about our initiative.