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Artificial Intelligence for Development (AID) is a not-for-profit organization established to promote research and development in Artificial Intelligence in Nepal to tackle local and community based problems and provide solutions using AI technology.

AID will perform following major tasks in Nepalese local community:

  1. AI Research and Development
  2. Public awareness (for eg: Community Leaders Program)
  3. AI Trainings
  4. Promotion of AI startup ecosystem in Nepal
  5. Connecting domain experts with AI developers to bring AI solutions to local community

With this approach, we will be training new and aspiring AI enthusiasts and provide them with opportunity to apply their knowledge to solve the local problems in our community.

To ensure, right problem gets analyzed and solved using correct algorithms and technique, we collaborate with domain experts in various fields such Health, Education, Agriculture, Finance, Politics and many others. This allows us to identify the problems that needs solving. Then we connect AI developers and enthusiasts with domain experts and together, a viable solution is developed.

Connecting AI developers and researchers with domain experts will bring cutting edge technological solutions to the field.

With this approach:

  1. AI developers will get a chance to sharpen their skills in real world problems,
  2. AI learners will gain a chance to learn from real project, which ultimately will help them in their career,
  3. domain expert will get a new insight on how the same problems gets analyzed from different skill set
  4. and ultimately, the problem gets solved and it will help to progress the society further.

If you like our approach and would like to contribute, please join our mission by filling up the google form provided below.

Regardless whether you are an expert in AI or any other domain or a new learner in this field, society has a role for you to play. This is a first step towards making the world a better place to live, by using the skills we already have.

We are looking forward to your response.


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