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Runner up winner of International AI Competition

October 28, 2018

PD3R: Post Disaster Rapid Response Retrofitting

On October 27, 2018, project called PD3R, lead by team of Artificial intelligence for Development (AID), Naxa and BuildChange, won runner up position in International AI competition called, Call for Code, organized by IBM.

Together, the team created Post-Disaster Rapid Response Retrofit (PD3R). The solution, which is based on AI taught by 3D model images, has the potential to provide displaced families with immediate access to engineering advice following a natural disaster. PD3R earned 2nd place in the 2018 Call for Code Global Challenge, an award of USD $25,000 and long-term open source support from The Linux Foundation.

The solution could accelerate the deployment of construction teams to more than 100,000 displaced residents who are still awaiting support after the 2015 Nepal earthquake. It could potentially give them an opportunity to rapidly understand whether their homes are structurally sound following the damage.

PD3R is an AI Solution which uses Deep Learning to classify houses which can be retrofitted or not.

The Deep Learning Model analyse the four images of a house provided by the house owner via an app on his/her smartphone, after successfully classifying the image, the model will give response whether or not the house can be retrofitted, saving time and money of structural engineer to visit the house and analyse by hand. This process will speed up the retrofitting process. Currently it only supports remote houses of Nepal.

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